A Men’s Clothing Guide to Picking Out Jeans

Compared to previous years men have a lot more variety when it comes to picking out clothing and styles for their wardrobe. Gone are the days where mothers, girlfriends and wives did the clothes shopping for them. Now with so many styles and looks men are keen to do their own shopping and find the right men’s clothing that will look attractive and appealing. Jeans are the most popular type of clothing and worn by people all over the world. Below is a style guide to help you decide the ideal men’s clothing to 레플리카  suit your jeans and the different styles of jeans available.

When you pick out a pair of jeans you have to understand that your jeans will get looser as you wear them in. You may try on a pair of jeans at a men’s clothing store and feel that they fit you perfectly, but in a couple months time you will wonder why they are riding a little low at the hips. The jean fibres become loose with wear so you need to pick a size slightly tighter than you normally wear. While trying on a new pair of jeans think of the shirts and other types of men’s clothing you own that would work as an outfit. If there are not a lot of outfits you can coordinate with the jeans you are trying on, it might be a good idea to wait and find a better pair.

If you are tall and slim skinny jeans are the ideal look for you. Skinny jeans should be worn with a loose t-shirt. This is a great opportunity to put your concert t-shirts to good use. Most of the older rock stars wore skinny jeans. You can recreate this classic look by wearing a concert t-shirt with your jeans. Dog tags, bracelets and studded belts are ideal accessories to pull off this look successfully. You can wear a flannel full sleeved collared shirt over the t-shirt with the buttons opened if you want a layered look. There are a lot of different types of men’s clothing that can go well with your skinny jeans.

Straight leg and boot cut are the most popular type of men’s jeans. The idea of a straight leg cut is that it is neither fitting nor too loose. They can be worn for a special date or just on any day of the week. Straight leg jeans can be coordinated with any other type of men’s clothing. A lot of men like to branch out and experiment with colours when it comes to straight leg jeans. Popular colours include black, blue, white and brown. Boot cut jeans are usually more rugged looking and have cargo pockets on the side of the legs. They are a lot baggier and are wider around the ankle to accommodate the style of wearing boots with jeans. Polo shirts and full sleeved collared shirts are just some of the types of men’s clothing that look great with boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans are sometimes referred to as worker’s jeans. Acid washed jeans come into fashion every once in a while but stone washed jeans will always be a classier look. Now that you have gotten the low down about the different types of jeans and men’s clothing that look attractive with them you can arrange your wardrobe accordingly.


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